Are you a Audio Visual technician? or are you interested in AV? If the answer is YES! then AV Buddy is for you. WIth detailed diagrams, charts, pinouts, calculations, Audio test files and Video test patterns all on your iPhone.
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The main menu is split into 4 sections. The Video Section.

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The Audio and Control sections.

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and the AV Tools section.

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The FIrst section includes useful pin-outs, diagrams and information about video connectors you may come across in audio visual. Here you can see the BNC section. This section includes infomation, a breakdown of the connector, cut sizes for crimp type terminations and cable type.

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Here you can see the VGA section. This includes information and pinouts.
The composite section includes information, connector break down and popular colour coding for consumer equipment.
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The section section includes useful pin-outs, diagrams and information about audio connectors you may come across in audio visual. The TRS section includes information and pin outs for TRS & TS connectors
The Speakon section includes information and pinouts.
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The audio section also includes a "Audio Interconnections" section. 21 different combinations of audio connections are shown with details diagrams.
In the control section, USB, DB9 and RJ45 connectors are shown with information, pinouts and diagrams. USB 4pin, 5pin Micro 5 pin and the 9 pin connector are included in the USB section.
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Here you can see the RJ45 section. This section includes pinouts for T-568A & T568B plus diagrams for straight through and crossover configurations.
The AV Tools section includes useful charts, audio test files, video test patterns, diagrams and calculators.
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The Audio test files section contains 12 frequencies with 8 of the frequencies having a Left, Center and Right test files. Connect a 3.5 jack into the iPhone for audio out.
The test pattern section includes 25 test patterns. Use the Apple video out adapter to test your monitors.
The test patterns are AV Buddy's black test screen, Colour bars, Colour Shades, Red Bars, Blue Bars, Green bars, Grey Bars, Red screen, Blue screen, Green screen, Grey scale, Geometry, Margins, Image sharp, Percentage, Pixel, 4x4 B/W check, Convergency, Clockphase, Font 10, Font 10 colour, Font 90, Font 50, Font 20 and Font 10.
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The calculations section includes 22 calculators.
The calculators are a Projector throw calc with over 1000 projectors, user input projector throw, projector lumens, image height, viewer text, diagonal distance, farthest distance, impedance- Series, impedance- parallel, impedance same parallel, Ohms law, unit convertor, dB volt calc, dB calculator between equipment, PAG/NAG, resistor calc and a heat load calc.
Shown opposite is the projector calculator. This displays the throw distances for a given size of a screen.
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Here you can see the diagonal calculator. If you know the height and width of a screen, this calculates the diagonal distance.
and here you can see the farthest viewer by screen height.
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AV Buddy for the iPhone is available through the Apple app store. Click the "App Store" picture to navigate to the store.
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